Welcome to Belle Soleil


Tanning, Beauty and Nails in Storrington.


Belle Soleil is a Tanning, Beauty and Nail salon in West Sussex, specialising in first class Tanning and tailor made Beauty and Nail treatments.

Our beautiful salon is situated in Old Mill Drive in the heart of Storrington village. Storrington offers free parking and we are fortunate enough to have plenty on our doorstep with easy access to two of the main village car parks.

Come and enjoy a luxurious experience in Belle Soleil where we are experts in ensuring you relax with our calm and tranquil atmosphere.

Our services include






>>> UV tanning sessions <<<


We will not be taking bookings for UV tanning sessions and will be operating on a first come first served basis.


Our front door will be locked at all times to keep a safe number of people in the salon at one time so please follow our signage and wait to be assisted.

Please make sure you read through our updated COVID-19 policy before arriving for your UV tanning session.

>>> Belle Soleil COVID-19 policy <<<


We want to let you know about some changes we’ve implemented to make your visit to us as safe as possible. Our main priority is to keep our staff and clients safe at all times.


Do not come to the salon if you or anyone you live with is self-isolating or displaying symptoms known to be consistent with COVID-19. Please contact us and re-arrange your appointment if you have a temperature or you are feeling unwell or if any person in your household has the same or is self-isolating.


To protect us as small business our cancellation policy will remain in place. We require 48 hours notice prior to your appointment if you wish to amend or cancel your appointment. Failure to provide 48 hours notice prior to your appointment when amending or cancelling your appointment will result in a 50% charge of the total treatment cost.


>>> ARRIVAL <<<


Greeting you:


Upon arrival we will greet you warmly but without a handshake or personal contact.


Face masks:


All clients admitted into the salon must arrive wearing a proprietary face mask. If you arrive for your appointment or UV tanning session without a proprietary face mask you will not be admitted into the salon. Face masks will be available to purchase from us at a price of £3.00. If you arrive for a scheduled appointment without a proprietary face mask and do not wish to purchase one from us you will be charged our cancellation fee which is a 50% charge of the total treatment cost.


Hand sanitiser:


Upon arrival you will be required to use our complimentary hand sanitiser. If you would prefer to use your own personal hand sanitiser then you must bring your own proprietary alcohol based hand sanitiser. If you do choose to bring your own personal hand sanitiser, we will require you to apply it in front of our receptionist upon arrival. Gloves will not be accepted as an alternative to hand sanitiser and we will not sanitise gloves.




We ask that you do not bring any bags into the salon other than a handbag.


Your appointment:


For your safety and for others we ask that you arrive to your appointment as close to the appointment time as possible. Please do not arrive early to your appointment as we will not have a waiting area available and we do not want you to risk coming into contact with clients who are leaving. Our front door will be locked at all times to keep a safe number of people in the salon at one time so please follow our signage and wait to be assisted and collected. Please arrive unaccompanied to your appointment. If for any reason you require to be accompanied, please inform us in advance so we can make reasonable adjustments prior to your appointment.




Displaying COVID-19 symptoms:


Anyone showing signs of COVID-19 whilst on our premises will be asked to leave immediately. If you are showing signs of COVID-19 and we ask you to leave, our decision on this is final.


Our staff:


Our staff will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout your visit to the salon. Our staff will replace their personal protective equipment (PPE) after every treatment. Our staff will wash their hands (as always) before and after every treatment.




The standard of our cleaning will be of its highest as we have increased the frequency. Treatment areas, tanning areas and the reception area will be thoroughly cleaned in between the use of each client. All items of equipment will be cleaned in between the use of each client.




The use of our restroom will only be available to clients with appointments lasting 30 minutes or longer. Our restroom will be thoroughly cleaned in between the use of each client.




No refreshments will be available other than new bottles of waters available upon request. If you do take a new bottle of water from us, we do ask that you then take this with you when leaving the salon. Please do not bring any food or drink into the salon other than your own personal bottle of water.




Contactless card payments are preferable where possible. Cash will no longer be excepted until further notice.


A COVID-19 PPE supplement of £2.00 will be added to all treatments excluding UV tanning.




We ask all clients to be patient at this time and we will endeavour to stay on time. Please bare with us as we are only human and sometimes there may be some unforeseen delays.