UV tanning

Your destination for the highest class of MegaSun horizontal and vertical UV tanning beds. We are all about promoting safe and healthy tanning for both men and women in a clean and modern environment.

Our UV tanning sessions are a walk in service so simply turn up and jump on! We do not be take bookings for UV tanning sessions.

UV tanning opening hours

Monday closed

Tuesday 09:00-16:30

Wednesday 09:00-16:30

Thursday 09:00-16:30

Friday 10:00-13:30

Saturday 10:00-13:30

Sunday closed

(Special days)

Wednesday 27th April 10:00-14:30

Friday 6th May closed

Sat 7th May closed


Horizontal UV tanning:


MegaSun Alpha 7900

£1.30 per minute

4-14 minutes subject to consultation

60 minute course £57 (95p per minute)

100 minute course £85 (85p per minute)

120 minute course £90 (75p per minute)

All courses valid for one year


Vertical UV tanning:


MegaSun Space 3000


£1.30 per minute

4-14 minutes subject to consultation


60 minute course £57 (95p per minute)

100 minute course £85 (85p per minute)

120 minute course £90 (75p per minute)

All courses valid for one year






What are the benefits of using a UV tanning bed?


UV tanning beds when used correctly give your body a huge source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential in our life to boost our immune system and keep our bones strong and most of us do not get enough. Doctors have proven there is also evidence that Vitamin D could protect us from cancer.


Having a base tan protects you against sunburn. Sunburn is known to act as the main cause of melanoma. When you use a sunbed regularly and maintain a base tan on your skin you are reducing the risk of burning. This is why we encourage all of our customers to prep their skin before they go away on holiday.


People who suffer from psoriasis, eczema and acne will find regular UV tanning sessions will help their skin a great deal. UV tanning beds are excellent at eliminating these skin autoimmune diseases.


A regular UV tanning session will act as a heat treatment for arthritis and muscle pain.


After having a UV tanning session you will automatically experience a feeling of well being. The positive effects of UV light are a sense of confidence and attractiveness which, in turn, encourages activeness.


Exposing your body to light will help to alleviate any symptoms of seasonal affected disorder (S.A.D syndrome).​


Lastly who doesn't feel better with a tan?



The MegaSun Alpha 7900

Collagen boosting LEDs

X-tra Tan shoulder tanners

Bluetooth MP3 connect


The MegaSun Alpha 7900 is the newest and most impressive UV tanning bed that will give you outstanding results.


With its elegant and unique design this UV tanning bed is combined with powerful elements along with its user-friendly features.


The MegaSun Alpha 7900 will increase hydration as well as revitalization, relaxation and detoxification of the skin.


You are able to personalise your tanning experience as this UV tanning bed combines three different tanning options; basic, mediterranean and caribic, tailored to your personal needs.


The MegaSun Alpha 7900 creates a feeling of exclusivity and will leave you feeling revitalized.


This machine is the ultimate horizontal UV tanning experience.

The MegaSun Space 3000

Ultimate vertical tanning experience

Tanning for even the hard to reach areas

Bluetooth MP3 connect


The MegaSun Space 3000 is a high gloss contemporary vertical UV tanning bed that creates a circle of UV light through 52 tubes that surround the interior.


This attractive vertical UV tanning bed is like no other, with its flawless intensified results even the hard to reach areas such as shoulders, inner arms and buttocks are tanned evenly.


The MegaSun Space 3000 is very unique with its invisibly integrated exhaust system you will hardly hear any noise which will leave you feeling completely refreshed and relaxed.


This machine is the ultimate vertical UV tanning experience.​​